Kelly Allen
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Kelly Allen
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So You Can Reach New Levels of Success



Sound Familiar? ....

Working so hard to just tread water?

You know what you need to be doing but just don't have the time?
Demands of social media becoming overwhelming?

Feeling overwhelmed with Marketing your business, so you just want to avoid?

Want to take back control and become a master of your marketing?

UMMM, Yes Please ........



The Marketing Mentor

I’m Kelly, the mum, wife, dry shampoo lover, award winning Marketing Manager behind The Marketing Mentor.
I love anyone who has a dream!

I have 15 years experience in events and marketing. I’ve been incredibly fortunate, in my day job, to support a start up from the ground up. From a team of three to over 20 employees in 5 years and we are now turning over 7 figures.

In the day I am wearing my boss suit but now I get to also inspire and teach entrepreneurs on how to smash their goals sharing all my knowledge and marketing experience. 

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Mentoring is my passion and I am so excited you are here. I can’t wait to dive in and share all my knowledge with you! My coaching is built for entrepreneurs who are looking to master all areas of their marketing from branding, social,
websites to the bigger strategy.


But also business owners who want to grow in confidence & mindset. Who needs someone to support them and to make them accountable. If you your business dream to become a reality then this is for you.

Master Your Marketing So You Can Master Your Business.


“To accomplish great things we must not only dream but also act, must not only plan but also believe”

Anatole France


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