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A bit cliché, but I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for having my kids.

But first, there was Kelly before having my children. There was little ol' me off to university with visions of looking like Elle Woods (yes I'm an 80s baby), and walking out after four years into the shiniest job available. 

Boy, did I have a lot to learn! Yes, I had a degree in International Marketing but I was off into the marketing world before Instagram (gasp) and Snapchat was just an app to share d***k pics.


Yup I was going to learn the hard way of the world of digital marketing and it exploded whilst I was on the job. My degree gave me all the work ethic but none of the experience.

So out into the world, I went working for an array of different businesses and agencies. From film, hospitality, events. sport, tech to the most recent adventure Cyber Security.



I have always loved self-development and done a lot of work with my mental health especially as I struggled after having my first daughter.


I love my job as a CMO, love pulling all the elements together, and watching the business take off. But, I have always had a restless feeling, so I got a life coach.


She quickly identified that my job wasn't serving my WHY. So I found my WHY... I want to share all I have learned to help.


So I now coach Career Savvy mums to organise their business to give them back clarity.

Having a business gives us mums an identity of more than being "just mum", but also the flexibility of having a career and being there for our kids.


More than ever women are opening businesses. but sadly we don't scale or grow our businesses at the rates of men.

We suffer more from burnout, time, depression and mental health.

Let's change the statistic.

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Was established by.... accident. I found I was always giving advice, to anyone who wanted it, building their own businesses. Especially my husband who knew nothing about marketing. During my second maternity leave (lockdown of 20/21) I learned that what I really missed was the human connection and I wanted to support and mentor. Especially at lockdown everyone reassessed and decided what was important to them.


So now I let my creative juices flow in a different way to my day job. by mentoring mums, helping them grow, smash their business goals and relieving the overwhelm that comes with their marketing. When I’m not working, mentoring, and being a mum, you’ll find me hanging out with my family, nose in a good book, enjoying long walks with the dog, working out & appreciating the good things in life.

MY FAVS ....

  • Fish N Chips with all the tartar

  • Diet Coke breaks

  • Gin & Tonic (guilty pleasure Malibu & coke)

  • Netflix Bingeing

  • Michelin Star Food Munching

  • Morning routines

  • 90s R&B tunes

  • Dancing like no one is watching

  • Podcasts

  • Crushing on Beyonce with a Porn star Martini in my hand...... singing Can you handle this?

  • And of course I love the Lemon Drizzle Cake.


  • To grow the business I work for into a 50 Million Business in 10 years.

  • To build a coaching business that allows me to live the life I aspire to have

  • I want to build my own eco-friendly dream home

  • Travel more

  • Fund projects to save the planet

  • Have my own ted talk that is featured on Netflix.

  • Meet Beyoncé.

  • To change so much stigma around mums and working mums

  • To leave this world knowing I did all that I could a legacy that my family will be proud of.