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As your Independent Marketing Manager, the management of your marketing becomes my responsibility. From initiating, planning, executing and controlling. I will close the work to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time.


Management can also include looking after your marketing mix. This includes all tangible elements that allow you to market your product or service. This includes facilities, your employees, the product/service itself, the cost strategy, the process of selling, and how you promote and advertise.


The extent to which the marketing manager gets involved in these elements depends on how marketing focused your business is. If you are product-focused you will probably start with ideas for a new product, then try and determine who is likely to buy it. As your marketing manager, I would focus on where the business starts with the consumer and try to figure out what they want to buy.  ​


Marketing Management could be for a one-off project for such as the build and creation of a new website or a continued role to support your business and employees.


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