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I will be honest with you pre-baby and pre running my own business I was one of those people who went to the gym because my boyfriend did. I was never one of those people who woke up and went YASS it's time to go to the gym.

Also, if I had been lucky enough to have the genes where I could eat whatever I liked and still be slender then I would have probably never marched my butt into a gym.

However, without realising it exercise has always been part of my life. I started dancing when I was three years old and continued dancing pretty much every day until I was in my 20s. At secondary school, I played netball, hockey and even played for the girl's football team. But weirdly I never saw this as exercise - more than it was being part of a team striving for the same goal.

So, when Evie arrived I couldn't go to the gym and I found 101 excuses for why I couldn't work out. Even when Dan would offer to watch Evie I found myself wanting to use the time on other things. The exercise was never a priority. But as I didn't move my body or create endorphins my mental health was affected. I have learned a lot about myself and when it comes to my mental mood - lots of things can affect it. But one thing I know is if I just do 30 minutes a day of moving my body I can remove that dark cloud I feel over my head.

I started working out with a great P.T called Brad and he really got my confidence back, help me with my technique, and opened my eyes to weight training which I know love. But sadly this was not sustainable for me and not due to cost but time. I needed it to work around being a mum and running my own business and I ended up letting him down all the time and it just wasn't fair.

My solution was home workouts - because I could do this at the time that worked for me, I could do it morning lunchtime, or evening and it didn't cost the earth. I started using the Beachbody Workouts but before you roll your eyes and think oh god she's one of them hear me out.

Yes, it is known for sweaty, thumbs-up selfie of a Beachbody "coach" who just "nailed" their workout. Many pics and/or videos have their kiddos goofing around in the background just to show you how "busy mom-friendly" these programs really are and I literally was the same thinking "come on" this is all for social.

But one of my friends had amazing success and she actually was a trained P.T, had nutritional training, and far more of an expert than me and she was being really honest and saying this actually works - so I gave it a shot and did the 80-day obsession program up to my wedding. Her support was great, there was a group of us using the online platform and it made it gave me the team motivation to work out together.

So for the last few months before my wedding, I gave it a go. I lost a further stone, I had to have my dress taken in four times and I actually felt motivated. Not only that I had other things that were from doing this program.

Better hydration (peed A LOT, but previously I never drank enough water) felt like my skin was also more hydrated and appeared to have a better tone; seriously, I don't think my wrinkles appeared as deep.

No more bloating.

More motivated in my life in general. Did more things with my Evie, took daily walks, etc.

SLEEP!!!! Slept much better at night, despite having to wake up to pee once or twice due to all of the water intake.

My family ate healthier due to more healthy food options being in the house on a regular basis.

I stopped being as addicted to SUGAR!

I liked the way I looked and felt great on my wedding day

So, my overall assessment is that I WOULD without a doubt recommend a Beachbody program. I do think you should make sure that you are in fact signing up with a coach that is right for you and you feel has the adequate background knowledge to properly guide you on your journey, but I without a doubt do give props to Beachbody for creating a flipping fitness empire like no other.

I am not a coach or don't see myself as a coach and I don't have washboard abs. As my husband would put it I am a bit of a stumper. But I can see the benefits physically and mentally. I can get you signed up for Beachbody, show you how it has worked for me and I can give you access to the professional coaches who have the qualifications.

Here's to you and if you need to move for your mental health and need a friend to support you then I am here to help in any way.

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