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When it came to mentoring and my business I literally throw it together. The company I worked for had gone under, I was on maternity leave and I couldn't get the same level job on part time hours.

So I just started and boy did I get so much wrong. It wasn't perfect, it still isn't but getting started was the key part. You might have a brilliant idea right now or a project you are thinking of starting but just not and sitting there waiting for the inspiration or motivation. So here are my tips on putting yourself out there and just going for it. In the words of Maria Hatzistefanis ( if you haven't read her books check them out now)

"Nothing Fabulous Happens Inside a Comfort Zone"

Tip One: Make Contact

What is the first thing you need to get the project started? Who do you need to speak to to kick it off? Do you need investment, do you need a graphic designer, copywriter, or maybe you need a coach? What ever you do make contact and send that email today because then you have got things going. Sitting on a project on your own is really lonely. Not only that you just don't have to start it as no one is relying on you. Make yourself needed.

Tip Two: Break it down

I love a to do list and when it comes to a big project I make to do lists within a to do lists. I know this sounds a little crazy but it is true. The main list is the main steps to get there but then I break it down into bite size pieces I can digest day to day. Promise to tackle the minimum you have set per day. You can then access your progress weekly rather than the huge idea of the overall project that might take years.

Tip Three: Don't Compare

I am writing this knowing I do this every day, but I am hoping if I put it out there in the world then I will begin to practise what I preach. There will always be people out there who seem to have it all sorted like life was handed to them on a plate. They are smarter, prettier, funnier but we all need to just worry about ourselves, the journey we are on and the progression we are trying to make. We are making progress every day and as I tuck Evie into bed I need to remind myself a little more why the Tortoise and the Hare is such a great book.

Tip Four: Self Doubt Is Human

Ok I am literally the worst at this and doubt myself in most areas of my life especially when it comes to being a mum. But I am finding that I am trying to get better at this as it is unrealistic to think we are all perfect. What I have tried to do is really discover where my self doubt comes fro, where I am weak and where I can personally develop as a person. This has come from routines, self help books, podcasts, good habits but also learning to let go a little and not be so up tight.

Tip Five: Perfection is in the eye of the beholder

We have all done it trying to wait for the perfect moment to realise something into the world. But don't wait until everything is perfect because one thing I have learned is it is never perfect. You are always learning and improving. I might not be ideal or quite what you want but it is a starting point. You can then become bigger and better by learning from before.

Kelly x

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