• Kelly Allen


Now, I will be honest about 18 months ago I did think that meditation, setting goals, reading every day was all a bit fluffy and really a bit of a gimmick.

By developing intentional, small behaviors over time that take you closer to what you want to create in your life. It’s really that simple.

Here’s the thing, habits are nothing more than behaviors we do so repetitively, so much so, that we don’t even realise we’re doing them anymore.

These are the things I know do to help me progress but also support me mentally.

I know I can a little crazy if I feel like I am just existing so I hope this helps you.


Dan and I have always had a five-year plan. In the first five years we smashed it. But now we are in year 7 with children and it feels at times we are treading water.

So it keeps motivated I write weekly goals and break this down into daily goals to make sure we can see how much we have achieved even if we are not in our forever home just yet or at the top of our game for a career.

Writing it down and having a visual board in our kitchen is really inspiring to me.


I know you may laugh or you might be thinking - durrhh not sure why you are mention this it's a given? Downloading the Headspace app and finding 10 minutes every day to mediate really has been a game-changer for me. Especially when I can't sleep - so if Headspace and Meditation are not in your life don't wait like me - add it into your routine now.

When we lost our French Bulldog (Eric) 18 months ago - I didn't realise how not going out on a walk twice a day was going to have such a huge impact on my mental health.

I didn't realise how much good the fresh air, calm environment, peace, and quiet set me for the day but also calmed me down after a busy day and normally hectic commute.

But being outside and getting my steps in every day has really helped. Thankfully I now don't have to plug in a podcast and walk around on my own ( I have Kiki our puppy). But if you find your indoors all day, on a computer screen then please make sure you see outdoors and get your 10,000 steps in.


know, I know easier said than done but think of it this way we will break if we don't properly take of ourselves. By eating the right thing, exercising but maintenance. It is not vain in my opinion to have time to have your hair done, take some time in the bathroom to top up your tan, pluck your eyebrows, or pop out to have your nails done.

If you feel great everyone around you will feel this positive energy.


This I feel is so important I think we need to be growing as people every day so I try to learn something new and grow as a person.

So every day I try to either.

Listen to a podcast

Read a chapter of a book

Watch a 30 minute tutorial on skillshare

Read an educational article

On watch a webinar.

However, you like to learn I think it is important to be pushing our minds on a daily basis.

Especially if you have Topsy and Tim theme tunes going round in your head and your not sure which boob you are on for the latest feed.


These are all the things that help me in my life and have really helped me with anxiety issues and low times after having my daughter.

These might not work for you or maybe some of them will but what I hope is that you find things in your day that make you happy, feel secure, and driven.

How can we make this journey we are all on and process towards getting our goals easier and more enjoyable?

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