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When I started working as a freelancer I didn't really care what I looked like. I had just had a baby and literally no time to worry about my hair. So what if I had worn the same tracksuit bottoms for the last few day?

When we all went into lock down this all came flooding back to me. I think everyone became more casual in their attire with make up and hair only on point when there was a zoom call scheduled that you had to be on camera for.

For me - I still got dressed. Why I hear you cry?

I also did my hair and make up ready for the 8:45 am start because the casually dressed working from home just doesn't work for me - I have been there and done that. Being casual was not really a reflection of me and never put me in a work hard mindset. I like to take a little pride in the way I look even if the only person I saw during my working day was the amazon delivery man. (Compulsive Shopping Lock Down Syndrome).

Yes I am pretty sure I am a little vain and yes I do take some pleasure in doing my hair and make up - I always have since I was a little girl. When you are brought up dancing and doing competitions having stunning make up and hair was such a huge importance. Bless my mum she tried but she sucked at it and I took matters in to my own hands at a very early age. The best dancers always looked incredible and for someone who used to dance against Tahliah Barnett aka FKA Twigs you can see why a girl like me fell in love with how you can make yourself stand out in the crowd for some of the most beautiful reasons.

(Copy right Image for the MOBO Awards.)

But during lockdown and now maternity leave, I have decided I am going to start taking care of my image even more. Start dressing for a life that I want. This is not just about my clothes but internalising my goals and really going after my dreams. Making sure my look matches the aspirations I have for my life.

So I am having a clear out and I have also decided to have a colour palette.

For the day job: Black, White, Grey and Tan

Mum Life & Mentoring: Blue, White, Yellow & Grey

Gym: Black, White & Splash of Pink

Now you might think this is all nonsense and I will be missing out on so many clothes in other beautiful colours but stick with me. Your wardrobe is a reflection of who your and it is never a bad thing to re invent the wheel especially when some of my clothes are from my early twenties ( I am such a different person now). Also having clothes that all work together makes picking outfits so much easier to use my brain power for much more important tasks.

Feeling good I really believe has a huge impact on my confidence.

"Dress for the job you want, not the job you have."

Kelly x

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