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We can all benefit from an extra dose of motivation every now and then, right? Being specific and realistic is key but also reminding yourself how far you have come is important.

I am all about setting goals and also very visual but I think what is easy to forget is emotion. I am very much run by emotion this is sometimes really good when it comes to motivation but there have been times which I am sure you can relate running your own business you have to put emotions to one side.

But to today I want to talk about emotion and how it can be a powerful source to add fuel to the flame to your business and how it can keep you motivated even when you feel like staying curled up in your bed.

So I am going to set you a challenge right now. Do you have a pen and paper? Here goes.

Write a list of three things that have made you the most proud and the feeling it gave you. It could be getting your dream job, having a child or buying your new home.

Mine would have to be:

  1. Having Evie

  2. Running my first corporate exhibition

  3. Being asked to be someones wife

What are yours?

Now really think about the details of this specific moment. How excited where you, who did you call? Did you post it on social media? Did you celebrate?

How did you feel the days after, when I was engaged I literally felt like a princess, like I was on a cold, I was untouchable. I had found someone I really loved and he felt the same it was the best moment. Like I had found where I belonged and I had the unconditional love and support I had always wanted.

I felt worthy and accepted.

Now you, all those positive emotions you feel when you look back at moments that made you proud use them to drive you to be motivated for your next goal. Because remembering how great it feels when you do achieve your goal, how amazing you will feel, how reaching the finish line will be so worth it.

Emotion is a huge motivator and fuel for me. What motivates you?

Kelly x

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