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Ah, Facebook organic reach. No other subject in social media marketing has caused as much controversy...or as many headaches. While many social media professionals have noticed a decline in Facebook reach over the last few years, the effect has become more extreme in the aftermath of the 2018 Facebook algorithm change.

While the obvious answer is to devote more time and money to paid Facebook ads, there’s still hope for your organic posts, and here are the tips I have gathered together from a variety of sources.

TIP ONE: Mix up your posts

TIP TWO: Go Live

TIP THREE: Use attractive videos and images

TIP FOUR: Use your analytics and find the best times of post

TIP FIVE: Experiment with how often you post

TOP SIX: Create posts that positively create engagements

TIP SEVEN: Make sure your followers have the notifications for your page switched on

TIP EIGHT: Make sure you are encouraging your followers to create content like reviews, sharing images etc.

To really build your FB presence it would be silly to ignore FB ADS. We all need to consider paying for advertising and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. My bonus tip is to give it a chance.

My recommendation would be to have a go at my 14 day challenge that I ran in my FB mentor group.

If you would like to join

Include your own ideas but let me know if this boosts the engagement with your page.

Day 1: Behind the Scenes - your workspace live video Day 2: Your Way ( the way you work). Poll Day 3: Insight and reflection of why you set up your business Day 4: Your inspiration - Quote Day 5: About you - this can be anything your hobbies fav food etc. Video Day 6: The benefits of your business - Note Day 7: talk about your product or service Day 8: Behind the scenes - your lunch day to day routine Day 9: Why did you start the business - Live video Day 10: What makes you different Day 11: Something you are proud of Day 12: Shout out to someone else Day 13: Competition Day 14: Fun fact - Get your followers to guess

Check your analytics and begin to learn what content your audience is engaging with. Where are you getting the most interaction and engagement? Then do more of it.

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