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One thing I have learned that trying to juggle a career, being a mum, running my mentoring, being a good wife, a supportive friend, staying healthy to be on the top of my game is hard and I literally can't do it with a little additional support from technology and well the fuel I put into my body.

Whilst being pregnant I have really looked into how I can help myself perform better but also giving myself the best fighting chance to feel my best and also have the energy for each part of my life and most importantly the people I love.

So here is my list that I couldn't live without.

So, here are things I have invested into power through what the future holds and making the very best out of a situation I can’t control.

Ketos aka the #Mumfuel

I add this supplement to 800 MLS of water in the morning. Now I didn't do this because being in ketosis was my vibe but why I have fallen in love with this is because of the energy and focus it has given me. If you are the sort of person who can't kick start your day until you have had your morning coffee this then this supplement is a game-changer.

Collagen aka the #wrinklekiller

I don't know about anyone else but I look in the mirror and is scares me. Wrinkles arriving, bags under my eyes and well my once youthful face isn't as glowing as it should be. So this is my new fav product so I don't have to constantly apply a snap chat filter to every aspect of my life.

Energize aka #MumCrack

So I am lazy and it doesn't take much to convince myself out of working out. If it's dark in the morning I am useless and if I then plan to do it in the evening on the drive home from work I have made enough excuses and justifications in my head why I just can't work out. But this little scoop of pow powder 30 minutes before my workout does the trick and gives me that boost I need to just move my body for 30 minutes.

Shakeology aka #YumShake

So I have a sweet tooth and mid-afternoon I am terrible for dipping into the biscuits, some chocolate, or some sweets if they are hanging around. I add this powder to some frozen fruit, some liquid of choice ( for me Oatly as it makes it feel like an indulgent shake), and whizz it up in the blender. It is so delicious and think. Full of all the nutrients I need for health perspective but for me, it feels like a treat - a pat on the bag for getting through to 3 pm.

I love these products so much I literally share them with anyone.

If you would like a free sample of any of them CLICK HERE

And if you have anything else to add to this list that really helps you I would love to hear from you.

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