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Back to basics: Hashtags, the keywords that someone is using to find you. Similar to keywords when searching in a google search. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags within your post. You can add hashtags within the copy, after the caption of your post or in the first comment after your post.

Check out the video to have invisible hashtags and to make sure your posts look aesthetically clean


Make sure when you use a hashtag it works and connects with the audience you are going after. Go back to your ideal client and start looking into the accounts they are following, what are they searching and begin collecting your hashtags.

Also looking into hashtags that are topical, connected to your industry or local to where you are based.


30% of your hashtags to be the popular tags, These will have thousands if not millions of followers, The common hashtags like #wednesdaywisdom. But I wouldn't recommend just using these as you are fighting to be seen against everyone else who is using these hashtags.

30% of your hashtags to be the midway hashtag. With followers around 30 - 10 k. This is the middle market and will allow you to mix up your hashtag strategy

10% Create hashtags specific for your own brand, use a specific hashtag that people can use when they are using your product or attending your class for example.

The rest have some fun!!

Hashtag Groups

First, decide how often you want to post - being consistent is key. If you are going to post once a day, every day, plan for 7 posts this week right now.

You can use a notebook, a word doc notes on your phone, or like me use Google Docs. I can then access all my posts on the go. I can also flick between the document, We Collect, and back again to make my content !! WINNER !!

I also have some brilliant timesaving apps I love to support me with content.



If you would like a copy of the social media calendar I use to help me plan my content drop me a message and I will get it across to you.

I hope this was a quick over few of hashtags but for more detail and latest trends read this brilliant guide by Later.

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