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Instagram stories are rapidly changing and I don't think anyone could write a book quick enough to keep up with how to use it and the updates. That's why I spend a lot of time reading books, going on courses, and trialing apps.

You might not have the luxury to spend researching so if you have come stuck with finding creative ways to create content for your stories these are my fav go-to apps.


Moving type but if you have a business Instagram page and want to add moveable text to your video or images. Adds animation bringing it more to life. This is great to highlight if you have a new blog post.


InShot is an app for both Android and iPhones. This app is great for adding music, filtering, adding sticks, text, and more. I think this is great if you really want to add special effects to your videos. I love to use this to add music to videos and I especially love it to make landscape videos into vertical. I use this app and the next (CutStory) to create videos on my own time, then upload them when I have the time.


Instagram stories are only 15 seconds long. But what I LOVE doing is recording a video on my phone editing (inside of Inshot, app #2) and then cutting it down to 15 seconds. Cutstory works so easily. Simply upload a video then choose which app you’d like the video to be cut for. For example, if you upload a 36 second video it will break it up into 3 chunks automatically for Instagram (15 seconds, 15 seconds, and 6 seconds.) You don’t have to think or go back and cut it later, it’s already done for you!


Discussed in my last video tutorial. This is great for when you record videos you can add subtitles - as we all know lots of people watch videos without the sound on.


If you want one of your Instagram Stories to contain more than just a single vertical image or video, use PicPlayPost. This is a free app available on both iOS and Android that’s perfect for creating photo and video collages that are ready to share. For Stories, you should start a new project that’s a 9:16 ratio, but there are plenty of other sizes available for other purposes. Pick your preferred layout, and add images and videos to each of the available spaces within the collage. You can include some music if you want as well.

Record It

Capture your screen. If you want to share something on your feed like highlighting a new post this is the one for you. This app is one of my best-kept secrets!! I use this app to record my screen and share what I have on my phone. For example, if I want to record a new post, show a before, or just share an app on my screen, this does it. The best part? It works natively on your phone. It couldn’t be easier. This is my favorite app by far! That red bar on top lets me know I’m recording.


You know those super cool retro looking photos and videos you see on Instagram these days? It’s with this app! 8mm is the most beloved app to film those cool, grainy, rose-colored glasses effects. There are many different camera styles to choose from so it’s easy to see why this is a fan favorite. The 8mm vintage camera app is simple to use and a fun way to add a bit of flair to your Instagram story. Another great option is RAD VHS that also gives you those retro vibes! It also gives you those cool glitches you see!


Build your brand. Effortlessly. Instantly. Fun-fully. Edit images and videos to create content that wows the world. This is a great app to add your brand's font to your Instagram story posts. Over also runs great creative competitions you be involved in.

I would love to know what your favoruite apps are for bring your stories to life,

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