• Kelly Allen


I am incredibly excited and immensely proud to formally introduce you to our new baby boy, our son, Isaac, who was born on Sunday 9th August at 9:59 am.

I have taken a little time to write this blog because to be honest I have been soaking in every minute because I know how quickly time goes. Isaac was also a huge surprise as at our 20 week scan we where told that Isaac was a girl. So I have been spending the last few weeks reorganising his wardrobe and actually getting used to the idea that I was not going to be a mummy of girls and I have a little boy,

The birth itself was an absolutely amazing experience for both me and Dan, despite everything that is going on with the world. The hospital was very supportive and they where great at looking after us I both. I had a c section as planned and compared to my first c section that was an emergency it was so calm, gentle and personal. Every member of staff looked after us so well. I felt very safe and supported.

As you might expect, the past 10 weeks have been an intense physical, mental and emotional rollercoaster, as a family we are figuring out how to be parents of two. All while the dog is going a little bit crazy, she is struggling with my attention all on the kids. But needless to say, we’re totally in love with this tiny little human that we’ve made and our family really feels complete now Isaac is here. I know all parents think it about their own baby, but Isaac really is the cutest. We are very lucky.

So stay tuned for more news from the front line of parenting, as I officially evolve from a working mum of one to a working mum of two trying to have it all!

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