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So when I started my business I was naive, yes I had the work ethic, experience but it was my way and no other way. If only I had read more, got myself a coach and done some of mine own courses. I really should of taken the time to clarify what I loved doing, who I loved working with and how I could really help them.

We need to listen more, learn and adapt. This year has really taught us that and for additional sprinkle we need to be able to connect and be able to sell our business in the digital world.

Now I could spend all day writing about every mistake I have made but this would make this a very very long blog post and I want to make this have a positive spin. Because at this time we are in lockdown number 3 and we can all do with something to brighten our day am I right?

So if you can do anything for your business invest in you, and be the best version of yourself,

Read Self Development Books

Never think you are a master of your trade, always keep learning and developing

Get a coach

Do things that scare you

Continually do market research

Grow adapt and improve.

Now this might sound a lot but just out an hour into your schedule a day can make a huge difference. Before you get sucked into your day I highly recommend the 6 principles of The Miracle Morning, also if you haven't read this book yet make, this your first out of all your books on your read list.

Wake up and drink water ( this is an extra)

  1. Have time for silence or meditate if that's your thing

  2. Journal and write down everything you are grateful for

  3. 30 mins of exercise

  4. Visualisation - if you haven't created a vision board then do that now, if you don't know what one is call me :)

  5. Read 10 mins

  6. Say out loud everything you want to achieve, your goals and believe it

Wake up and drink water ( this is an extra)

No one gets it right the first time and that's ok. It's always ok to learn and adapt don't get stuck in your ways like me because it can stop you from growing and smashing your goals.

I am running some really great one to one workshops and if I can help you in anyway to master your marketing this year please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Kelly x

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