• Kelly Allen


Whatever platform we are using to build are business we want to make sure that our business has the best chance of being able to grow.

So what here are my thoughts and tips to give our little seedlings what it needs to be able to flourish.

Be Seen.

On social media and blogs - post consistently and at the right time.

Are you using When to Post yet? It is one of my favourite apps.

Push Your Content

Don't just post on your grid and share your post in your story at the same time.

But share your content everywhere. Recreate content in blogs, vlogs, emails. You name it push the content everywhere.

Be Active

Comment on other peoples posts that you like, also join in with topics that relate to your business and add value. Shows how your an expert.

Go networking, join forums on LinkedIn but get involved, Showcase what you are made of and why people should invest in you.


Offer your skills. See if you can collaborate in photoshoots. Send your products to your ideal clients. Work hard and give to build relationships and partnerships.

Tag items or clothes you are wearing, books you are reading etc. to tap into that brand and audience

Look after your audience, followers and customers. The more you work together the more you will grow together.

Call to actions

Encourage people to respond to your content. Your call to action should be brief and direct as length call to actions will be ignored.

Try to ask questions to create comments like:

Do you love this new blazer as much as I do?

Winter is upon is, what are your top tips to stop your skin drying out?

Don't you love these shoes what is your favourite colour?

Give offers that people just won't want to miss.

Add Value

Start thinking of your Instagram as a business. What problem are you solving? What value are you delivering? What do your followers “get” from your posts?

When you have identified these things, search where your potential audience hangs out and start delivering value on Instagram but also other platforms.

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