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When it comes to taking my own photos I am useless and as many of you may have seen I use the amazing friend and photographer Jody Sutton. But we should not worry and just have fun taking lots of photos. Capturing throughout our day. we can then work on what we enjoy taking photos of but start to create a look and style for our feeds.

I like to take my images though the Light Room app as I can search. access, edit, organise and share photos on my iPad, iPhone, and you can also use this app on your Android device. What I also love is I can set my presets in this app.

Simply explained, presets are photo filters, like the ones you have in the Instagram app for example.

Presets are used by photographers to save time and get a certain look of the photo, to create unison to your feed of images. There are lots of places you can purchase presets and some of your favourite influencers sell their presets. If you love their look it can be a great starting block to create your own style.

There are some great apps on the market that really help when it comes to editing and turning a standard image into something a little more sparkly to add to our social media platforms.

Sometimes our images need a little helping hand turning a standard image into something a little more sparkly to add to our social media platforms. Here are my favourite apps to help elevate the pictures.

Touch Retouch App

This is my favourite app for when I want to remove an object from a picture. This could be an electric plug or maybe something like a traffic cone.

Pics Art

This app is for the more fun side to your pictures. If you want to add some magic to your imagery, change the colours or turn them into a painting, I can waste lots of hours playing on this app.


Facetune is a photo editing application used to edit, enhance, and retouch photos on a user’s iOS or Android device. The app is often used for portrait and selfie editing. I use this to add on some makeup when I haven't had time to slap it on, or lighten up an image if I have bags under my eyes :).

Happy snapping and let me know how you get on.

Would love to see what pictures you come up with.

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