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Not many of you may know but I lost my office wingman, my team mascot, and quite frankly my best friend in November. Eric our dog. Now I knew how much he meant to me, the important role he played in my happiness and the day to day routine he created in our home - but I will be honest I wasn’t prepared for the sadness and grief.

Loss is often unexpected, and although Eric had fought through his illness for a year, I never really expected that the time would come to say goodbye.

But why am I talk about this on my business blog I hear you cry?

Well as I am a one-man-band there isn't time to sit back, be sad, or even be sick. The challenges of being your own boss have always been uncertain - with fluctuating earnings, difficulties accessing a mortgage, and a lack of income protection insurance, let alone saving for retirement. But a death, a change in the family dynamic, or a health issue is not something we plan for or even begin to add to our list of stresses.

Entrepreneurs aren’t used to asking for help. Many are accustomed to being the heroes, solving everyone else’s problem, and excellent in responding to an outside crisis. We are so great at running our businesses we sometimes forget to give ourselves some self-care.

Now, I am far from over the loss of Eric and if I am being honest I don’t think I really will ever be, but it has made me think about how can entrepreneurs keep running a business when a huge curveball is thrown their way? I am intrigued by how business leaders keep going and are there a process we can use to make this challenging time easier to manage? So, I have reached out to a dear friend and a fantastic business coach to give us her advice.

Kiki has accomplished so much with our own business. Not only that she is a pillar of strength with her own challenges, that many of us would have crumbled, let alone run a business and plan our own wedding. But that’s Kiki a modern-day superwoman.

In the words of Kiki: ( https://www.facebook.com/kikikirbycoaching/)

This life we are given is a journey that can be cherished and enjoyed through the deepest of struggles. There will be challenges, there will be struggles but it’s how you through those struggles that make the difference. What is your attitude during the struggle, what is your character through the struggle?

I believe we all have the answers to life’s deepest questions and, as a coach, my job is to bring that out of all my clients. My passion as a coach is watching high achieving individuals decrease their stress, find inner peace, improve personal relationships, and generally increase their life satisfaction.

What can you do daily to find inner peace?

What will help you improve your relationship with yourself and your business?

What will help you keep yourself stress-free?

My top tips;

  • Create the space you need

  • Find Joy every single day

  • If you have experienced terrible news, a setback, or going through a struggle. You can get through this. (I did have fought cancer at the time my business was the strongest it ever was)

  • Allow the time to recover, let the emotions out, let the time process. Don’t fight it

  • Allow grieving to happen it’s a process. Grief can also be loss of a job, loss of a relationship, loss of a salary, loss of business deal of loss your loss. Your grief is individual to you and doesn’t let anything tell you how to grieve your grief

  • Don’t be afraid to say NO if it doesn’t align with you

  • Adjust your mindset and learn how to release the inner you

  • Work on your business as an Entrepreneur and in your business

  • Align your inner self with your work

  • Seek, Search and find the power in the daily gratitude

  • Create a new relationship with yourself, re-align with your calling, and fall back in love with your life.

A great quote I remind myself of daily is “Success in business requires training, disciple, consistency and hard work”

Have you experienced terrible news as an entrepreneur? How did you regain your strength?

Kiki has a group coaching program starting next week follow this link for more details.

So this evening I am remembering the good times and being thankful for having the best four-legged friend I could have asked for. I will miss you snuggling my feet under my desk and keeping me company whilst I work into the night.

Love you Eric x

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