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So this blog post has very little to do with marketing but more of a personal insight into how I am feeling during this time but I hope this shows that even with the day job we are still human and currently going through the same s**t!

At this point, I am approaching 30 weeks pregnant and there is still a lot of uncertainty of what things will be like by the baby arrives in August - and if it is anything like Evie it will be weeks early so we are actually preparing for a July baby.

Firstly, I am thankful this is my second baby - I can't imagine having a midwife call and them asking if your movements of your baby are normal. I mean who knows that when they have never been pregnant? For one thing this time around Baby Allen No2 is far more violent when it comes to kicks and some mornings it literally feels like someone has kicked me in between my legs. But at least I know what aches and pains are normal. I also know the signs to look out for when it comes to swelling this time. Because ankles the size of your thighs and a jumpy face is not just because I am pregnant.

So I am doing my utmost to stay healthy to make sure this pregnancy is a little more straight forward but also for my mental health. As I have had similar anxiety feelings creeping in when I was on maternity leave with Evie. Feeling trapped, that I am going round in circles doing the same thing, no end in sight, and like the walls are closing in. But knowing more about my anxiety has helped me with an action plan.

30 x minutes of exercise a day

Shakes not sweats to help with my sweet tooth craving

10 x minutes of meditation a day

2 x walks a day


I am also very lucky that Dan has taken on the full-time child care and has allowed me to work full time. I know it is sad but I really love to work, plan and be creative. I have also done a lot more mentoring and free tutorials in my FB group.

So it's not been all bad. I mean I even get excited to drive and seeing my midwife is literally a treat she can poke, prod, and take as much blood as she likes!

I am really missing my friends and family. I would kill to have a little mucha around the shops and buy some nice bits for me in and the baby. But we will be ok, even if I have to throw a virtual baby shower and wear one of Dans t-shirts as nightgown. No one is seeing me as it is.

What I would do for my roots and eyelashes to be touched up !! Poor Dan must think someone has stolen his wife.

However, the safety of the baby, my family, and the people around me are the most important. What I have learned in this time is that we are pretty tough as a society and I really hope we will keep all the best parts of this time going forward.

Looking after Our health, Our Minds, Our Planet

Shopping locally

Appreciating our family and homes.

Show love to key workers

Always show your rainbow

Working productively remotely

And most importantly treasuring our friends, freedom and Nando's

Kelly x

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