• Kelly Allen


Losing Eric was probably one of the hardest things I have ever gone through and I don't think I will ever get over it. He was the best dog, always there, calm, loyal and so loving. The house has been deafening quiet without him and I have felt that the house has had something missing since he had gone.

No dog will replace him but a different dog would bring a new chapter into our lives and I hope the silence won't be so deafening, my walks less lonely, and the evenings that Dan is not home a companion to share the sofa with.

So I'd done a lot of research - I knew although I love Frenchies I would just compare to Eric and that wasn't fair. I had looked into crossbreds in the hope they wouldn't have the health issues that are so common now due to the breed being fashionable.

But I did know I wanted the dog to be small, not overbred, not ugly but also a companion and we started falling in love with Patterdale Terriers.

Although I was picky - I wanted them to be short-haired and ideally not black a little brown one.

But Dan was adiment it was a no and that we were not going to get a new dog and that was that and I tried not to think about it 24/7.

Then in September we were on a family holiday and the perfect pup came up - everything we wanted and local. I took a chance and showed it to Dan and he said YES!!

As soon as we got back from holiday we went to visit and fell in love and a few weeks later we brought the new puppy home. Evie has named her Kiki.

She has been the biggest change to our family, I have never thought it but I actually think she has been harder than adding a newborn baby to the mix (Dan you were right). But despite my ruined floors and all the hard work - she is the most intelligent, loving, cheeky, protective, and inquisitive little pup. With a face that melts my heart.

The house wouldn't be the same without you - but please this time next year I hope the accidental wee's, your witched hour, and digging up my garden has calmed down.

Your not Eric, but then he could never play fetch like you - Kiki of course we love you!

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