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So it has been a while since I have hit the keyboard and written a blog and I will be honest with you it's because I have been manic, with work but family life and I have really struggled to find what I think would be helpful and doubted myself if anyone really wants to hear from me? Does what I have to say really help, I mean there are so many people out there coaching and mentoring.

But today I snapped out of it, because each and everyone of us is experiencing, learning and growing and during this "unprecedented time" (not going to lie bored of hearing that) I hope that what I am learning whilst I am working helps you.

At this time I am doing more, not less.

I am looking over everything I have done and reviewing - this is a great time to reflect on what has worked and what hasn't.

I am going back to the very beginning, looking at my brand, tone of voice, what I put out in the world and I am all for the energy we give is the energy we will give back.

It is a time to adapt do things differently - because what we once knew as normal is not. We need to react think and come up with new strategies.

So in light of this I am jumping into my Facebook group 3 - 4 times a week to give my up to date tips as I am working full time but also there for moral support to anyone who needs it.

I am also offering one to one coaching - totally free because at times like this we all need someone to talk to.

For now here are my top things to do right now when the world is a little bit upside down.

1, Refresh - your branding - to the fonts you, use, colour palette to your email signature.

2. Update your website and offers. Add new content go through each page set by step. Start a blog

3. Email clients. Keep up to date with them and support them as much as possible

4. Get ready for when you get busy. account systems set up, online payments, contracts. be prepared

5. Work on client experience: pricing guides email templates, delivery methods to create stream lined and epic experiences for each and every client.

6. Stay active on social media. Regular content.Use my handy content plan in the files in the group. If you are not part of my group please head to my Freebies page now.

7. Start or grow your own email list, if you don't have a list of your customers that you can quickly communicate with, this is your time to shine! Focus on the list! Highly recommend Jenna Kutcher's email course.

8. Refine and hone your skills. If you have time to brush up on your knowledge or expertise with online learning, Now is a great time to start.

9. Have fun with your marketing a do all those things you have been putting off.

10, Remember, it won't last so make sure you are prepared for when your business kicks off.

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