• Kelly Allen


This month I just had to spill my thoughts after my recent conversation on the topic 'that someone’s work ethic is judged by the clothes they choose to wear!

Now, I’d love to think I was a “trendsetter”, but I think it’s fair to say my outfits are generally a mixture of Primark basics, a high-street top, finished off with a nice pair of boots purchased pre-baby. My style doesn’t go hand in hand with descriptive words such as quirky, original, or unique. But I did throw some pink streaks into my hair this month to up my sass levels! I mean that’s pretty Little Mix of me, right?

But I am far from pencil skirts, kitten heels, and a fitted jacket.

This unexpected conversation continued with advice on the tailor I should visit, the watch I should purchase and the car I should be driving if I ever wished to be taken seriously or sign any “big-time clients”.

This took me back, is this not a hugely dated view of businesses and a lack of understanding of the creative hub that is entrepreneurs? Or is this still a common belief in the business world?

If we rewind back to my days at university it was drummed into us all that we should turn up to every interview suited and booted. This was back when the only things people thought went with business were ties, suits, and briefcases. Do people still think that being successful in business means looking a certain ‘professional’ way and behaving in a particular, buttoned-up manner? Back in 2010, I thought it all seemed a little dated even then and I never enjoyed wearing a suit.

“Whether you are dressed ready to run for office or a marathon, carrying a paper bag or a briefcase, you should see business as an adventure.” Sir Richard Branson.

Business is not just about the clothes that we have on our back but also about the people we work with and the culture we create. There are a lot of positive changes in the world of work, from the changing structure of organisations to a change in the fundamental idea of what work is, new generations in the workforce, ideas of co-workspace, and the use of technology making so much more available to us.

We should work with or hire people because of characters and to live by the saying “you should never judge a book by its cover”. If we all tried to be kind, praise more than criticise, take on what might feel like a risk. Then we might all work with someone extraordinary who will make a positive difference to our businesses in the long run. Also, their funky dress sense can bring a splash of colour to your dated office space.

We all spend a lot of life’s working and we should do everything we can to make it as fun as possible. This is from the clothes we wear, the projects we work on, the places we explore, and the people we work with.

One thing is true we may not always agree with someone’s opinion but their opinion can make you think and help you shape your beliefs and what you want to achieve. Business is a challenge, and there are adventures to be had around every corner, so you be you and wear whatever you need to get the job done.

At the end of the day we are all human so just be yourself as it will be your greatest achievement!

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