Is one of the major problems a lack of resources? Or maybe "Mr Distraction" is the biggest problem with getting on top of your marketing? For most businesses, everyone looks at marketing in a different way. As your marketing manager this duty lies with me.


The great thing about a small team is the ability to quickly instal a marketing led ethos which can become the operational soul of your business. 


Working as your marketing manager, an important part of my role is to access your resources.​​


Depending on budget availability and the skills of your team, you may choose to outsource certain elements of the marketing process (such as market research) or decide to do these jobs in-house. Key responsibilities as your marketing manager vary according to the business but can include:

  • Assigning and scheduling available resources in the most effective way for your business. 

  • Those resources can be intangible – people and time – and tangible – equipment, materials, and finances.

  • It involves planning so that the right resources are assigned to the right tasks.

  • Managing resources involves schedules and budgets for people, projects, equipment, and supplies.



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