New Beginnings, New Business, New Boss.

April 1, 2017


I would be lying if owning my own business had never crossed my mind. Since I was old enough to step into the world of imagination I’ve always wanted a business that was my own – you can just ask my Mum. I was always bossing everyone around and loved running shops, offices, hotels in my own back garden. I’m almost sure I even charged my own Dad to purchase his own clothes back.


However, the main reason I started my own business came down to timing. My daughter was 6 weeks old, the agency I worked for had gone into liquidation and I was at a crossroads in my life. Did I want to start at the bottom again? Did I want to go back to full time work? Did I want my daughter spending more time at Nursery than with me? Well the answer was of course no.


I was also tired of showing up to someone else’s desk, putting my all into everything, ultimately growing someone else’s business and dream. I felt I had more to offer, I wanted to take control of my own career and I needed to find a way to do that.


I’ve learnt so much from my previous employers, my job roles and the agencies I had been very lucky to work within over the years. I’ve been surrounded by talented people who in turn have taught me a lot. That’s why I thought creating a marketing company for small and start-up businesses was where I could be of some value. If sharing the knowledge, I have gained, can make other people’s businesses even more successful I wanted to be a part of that. I also couldn’t think of a better way to spend the next chapter of my career by making other businesses thrive under my own company’s hard work.




Why Amicitia?


Initially I was playing around with ideas and names. Whether to include my name, some unique twist on my personality or possibly after my favourite pet. But none of these names rang true with me or the company I wanted to create.


I will be honest I stumbled upon Amicitia. I was trying to look for something alternative and edgy … but clearly I am none of those things and the name I finally chose is far from the latter. Maybe it was because I was a new mum surrounded by friends, maybe it was the support of my family helping me launch my business who knows? But this name just seemed to fit with me and the definition was perfect.



  1. alliance, association

  2. friendly relations

  3. friendship, bond between friends


Now I know this is where I am adding just a bit too much of virtual cheese but I feel business is all about the friendships and the relationships you build. I am all about working with someone for the long term and not trying to achieve a quick buck.


3 Months On


Don’t get me wrong going it alone is very scary and I wasn’t sure if I was living in a fantasy world thinking that people would actually want to work with me (let alone pay me for my ideas). But I am delighted to say 3 months in and I am now working with over 8 different local businesses with my weeks filling up with meetings and I can honestly say I am loving every minute.


I started my business because I wanted freedom; freedom to choose my projects, my clients, my work hours, the way I spend my days. I can honestly say I have achieved that and the best part is I still get to spend every day with my little girl.


Not only that, but I get to work with amazing people and suppliers who are all like-minded. We all believe in craftsmanship and taking time to create a great piece of work. We all want to do something right, not cut corners and to be proud of the final outcome.


I show up every day because I’d do this even if I wasn’t getting paid - I can genuinely say I love my job. Also for the first time I don’t mind the overtime and putting in the extra hours for the boss.


Kelly x




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