Tidying up your business once and for all is not just about aesthetics in your office.

It’s not just about having an orderly and clutter-free desktop (although that’s certainly a benefit in and of itself). 

It’s much more than that.

Decluttering and organising can have a positive impact on all areas of your business and your life. 


This is a 12 week program,  working together organising all the elements of your business into virtual boxes and leaving you with an awesome plan of action.

This program will empower you.

It will allow you to have an amazing business, where you can find things easily, giving you clarity, and time.


Removing the overwhelm and giving you the flexibility to do and to be with who you love.


No more mum guilt.

It's time to shine!



Grab the marigolds,  paper shredded,  boxes, and label maker as we are going to organise:

Boutique Minimal Logo-6.png
Boutique Minimal Logo-6.png

Box Three: Your Customers

Boutique Minimal Logo-6.png

Box Four: Your Products & Services

Boutique Minimal Logo-6.png

Box One: Your Why

Boutique Minimal Logo-6.png

Box Two: Your Brand

Boutique Minimal Logo-6.png

Box Seven: Your Competitors

Boutique Minimal Logo-6.png

Box Seven: Your Competitors

Boutique Minimal Logo-6.png

Box Seven: Your Competitors



1 x 90 minute 1:1 kick-off call

Actionable follow-up summaries of the key points covered and additional resources. Workbooks for each "Virtual Box"


11 x 60 Minute actionable training calls
Every week, over 12 weeks, group training calls.

Including Financial planning, Sales, Automation and HR advice from my guest speakers. All training is recorded and comes with a practical workbook.


Each coaching session has a structure but is unique and that is the power of coaching: to have someone alongside you focused on organising your business. Offering both practical and emotional support. But also follow mumpreneuers on the course adding to the experience.

Access to your FB support group with Q &As and other mum bosses on the course.

Outcome an organised business and a clear TO DO LIST. An actionable marketing plan as we will have identified-  what to do, how to to do it and when.

Start Dates: Sept 2021, Jan 2022, April 2022, Sept 2022

Limited Spaces


£350 x 6 payments

(£1995 full payment)


Grab the marigolds,  paper shredder,  boxes, and label maker lets build your "virtual" business filing system:

Boutique Minimal Logo-6.png

Box One: Your Business Strategy 

Box Two: Your Brand Strategy

Box Three: Your Customer Strategy 

Box Four: Your Products/Services Strategy

Box Five: Your Marketing Strategy

Box Six: Your Content Strategy 

Box Seven: Your Lead Generation Strategy  

Box Eight: Your Time Management Strategy

Box Nine: Your Results Strategy

Box Ten: Your Mindset Strategy

Box  Eleven: Your To-Do List Of Action

Study week - this will fall on the half-term week, depending on when you start the program. A great time to catch up and no live training while the kiddie winks are about. 

F & Qs

How long is The Squeeze The Day Program? 

This is a 12-week course, working with you every step of the way. You will need to invest a minimum of 3 hours a week to get the most out of this program and to create your own strategic marketing plan. One week will be a study week this falls on the kids half term.

When are the Q+A calls?

Your Q+A calls are hosted in your private Facebook community, once a month. You'll be able to submit questions beforehand or live on the call. 


How do you know so much about marketing?

Ok, let’s start at the beginning. At 18 I went to university, completed my BA in International Marketing while completing a year working with an agency that virally promoted the latest blockbusters - The days of Orange Wednesdays. After I graduated, I first worked in hospitality running events, including The London Olympics. I then headed home and became a digital marketing manager for an agency specialising in tech. Had my daughter, minefield of mat leave, and started freelancing. For the last 3 years, I have been a CMO for a Cyber Security start-up -  now pretty big and turning over 7 figures. I am that mum juggling having a career, guilt, and a niggle that wouldn't go. So I trained as an NLP coach, diploma in strategic marketing, heaps of self-development, and KAPOW I now mentor amazing Mums like you who want more.

What are the benefits?

Organisation to help you build a bespoke strategic plan - Time, creativity, growth and productivity, space to think, mindset, finances, and accountability.


What format are the trainings in?

The training sessions are live with downloadable PDFs workbooks. You can fill these workbooks out on your laptop/tablet, or you can print them off. Either way, they are yours to keep with lifetime access after you have completed each training session with me. 

What format are the guest trainings?

I have expert guest coaches which you will have group sessions with. To discuss and answer all the questions you have as you grow your business with your marketing strategy. 


How do I know if Squeeze The Day is right for?

If you’re a hard-worker (you're a mum silly question), creative, the mum who has a business, who wants direction and clarity to make their dream come true then this is for YOU! If you’re ready to finally quit the 9 to 5, have a better life/work balance, and take your business to smash your expectations this is for you. Also eating cake with other amazing career savvy mums is pretty friggin zingtastic!

and ready to attack

any agreed actions ahead of the next session